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Why charge the field for Ole Miss?  Tom Bouchie

I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking about why fans hopped the fence to rush the field after the Tigers manhandled the Ole Miss Rebels. Doug Gann and I were witness to it while on the field waiting to go into the post game press conference with Coach Brian Kelly. Some fans tried to go through us. We kept saying to each other why? It’s Ole Miss! 

I know they’re ranked 7th in the country. I know LSU is unranked. I know it’s been two years of mediocre records for the Tigers. But it’s Ole Miss! LSU fans are not supposed to storm the field for a win against Ole Miss. Unless it’s for a NATTY. Speaking of NATTY, we just won the 2019 National Championship three short years ago. It’s not like it’s been a decade or two since our last title.  


Fans should never jump the fence and storm the field. It’s dangerous to themselves, the players, coaches and employees who work the game from the field. We witnessed several injured fans being helped back over the fence. Number one reason to stay in your seats. 


Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement to jump the fence after LSU beats Alabama in two weeks.


Second reason was printed on your ticket. The Rebels game was a big one, but it wasn’t THE BIG ONE. Just look at the ticket price. Talk about jumping the proverbial “fence”? Don’t even think about it for UAB!


Touchdown Tigers!

JaRay Jenkins proving CLUTCH for LSU

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