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LSU 32 Bama 31 in OT

What a game!  What a finish! What a call to go for the win! 


If you’re like me you’ve already read everything you can get your hands on about the recap of the game comparing the offensive and defensive stats of LSU & Alabama. I know you’ll do it again, again and yet again because that win will live in our hearts and minds. FOREVER LSU, RIGHT? 


But, we at will take a slightly different approach in our coverage of LSU. You may see some stats at times within our blogs and feature articles to lend support to our content. But, what we want to bring you is a more behind the scenes look at the who, what, when, where and why aspects of the LSU teams, players and coaches. 


Jayden Daniels — LSU QB (6-3, 200 Jr-Transfer) & Quarterback Coach Joe Sloan


The 2022 football season started the way transfer quarterback Jayden Daniels had hoped. It started with his winning the starting quarterback job for the Tigers. Then things didn’t go as planned. LSU lost to Florida State in New Orleans in early September by a point. Daniels didn’t play poorly in that game, he just didn’t have complete TRUST in his receiving core to launch balls down field to stretch the defense. As you may have read already, he was quick to use his legs more than his arm. The ability to run with the ball is a great asset. So is the ability to pass it. It’s best if you can throw the short and deep ball in order to stretch the field placing a lot of pressure on a defense. If a quarterback possesses both a great run and passing game a team has someone special. (QB5) #5 Jayden Daniels is that someone special for the LSU Tigers. Tiger fans, local and national media now know it.  


The reporting on Daniels’ performance in that first game and next five questioned his ability to use both in the same game. Mainly because he wa too quick to run instead of being patient and using his legs to extend the play to find his receivers down field. His short passing game was his crutch as he was hesitant to throw deep. Some thought too afraid to throw an interception. 


Then came the three game stretch of Florida at the Swamp, then back home against #7 Ole Miss and #6 Alabama. Something started to click in the Swamp as Daniels began to TRUST! TRUST in the coaches and the process. TRUST in his receivers! That TRUST has resulted in three straight impressive victories and plenty of broken LSU QB records. 


                                                                       QUARTERBACK RECORDS SET IN 2022


1. Daniels now holds the LSU record for being the only QB in LSU history to rush for 100 yards and pass for 200 in same game twice in the same season.

2. Daniels broke the QB single season rushing record for touchdowns (9) and rushing yards (524) in week 8. Add one more TD (now 10) and 112 yards (now 636) after the incredible win over Alabama and Nick Saban in his first try. 

3. Daniels joined Joe Burrow at the #1 spot as the only LSU QBs to account for 6 touchdowns in the same game. Daniels doing so against Florida with 3 rushing and 3 passing. 


Daniels has been named the SEC Offensive Player of the Week in the last two games against Ole Miss and Bama. Daniels improvement has been credited to Head Coach Brian Kelly and Offensive Coordinator Mike Denbrock, rightly so. But, there is one person who has been left out when discussing the improvement of QB5 since January 2022. That is Quarterback Coach Joe Sloan. 


Sloan was hired January 3, 2022 as LSU’s Quarterbacks Coach. Sloan spent the prior nine seasons at Louisiana Tech. He served as the Bulldogs recruiting coordinator while coaching multiple offensive positions with his last two years as Offensive Coordinator. 


The relationship and TRUST that needed to be built between Coach Sloan, Denbrock, Kelly, receivers and Jayden Daniels has been one of the keys to LSU’s surprising success on the field. It’s the reason why LSU now can return to the throne of the SEC and have a chance at a fifth national title as one of the top four teams in the CFP Playoffs.

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