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A First Time Visitor to Tiger Stadium

Ok, maybe I jumped the gun with the argument LSU could be reloading instead of rebuilding. I let the love of my Tigers influence me after the three game winning streak. But, Tennessee’s beat down of the Tigers is evidence of how much help this team still needs. I believe help is on the way with future recruiting classes and it won’t be long before we are celebrating big wins again like my cousin and his fellow Vols fans experienced Saturday at LSU. 

I would usually be upset about a big loss but I can’t be because Saturday was not about the game for me. It was about the first time LSU experience of a visiting fan. That fan happened to be my cousin Jeff Porzenski and his wife Laura. My cousin and I were born eight hours apart in St. Louis 58 years ago. I was first on the 8th of October and Jeff on the 9th. When I saw this game on the calendar I knew we needed to  celebrate our birthdays together cheering on our favorite teams and Jeff getting an LSU tailgate and game day experience. Jeff jumped on the invite with no hesitation. But then my association with 446Sports created a new opportunity when we added our coverage of LSU sports. Jeff’s never having been to LSU sparked an idea to try a story based around chronicling with video (a VLOG) and some written word a visiting fans experience. What were his expectations of Tiger fans? Tiger Stadium? How did the tailgating compare? Well, we had a great tailgate invite with my friend, Brian Thompson, who has one daughter at LSU and one at Tennessee. The Vol daughter was bringing several friends from Knoxville so Jeff would have some company and we’d witness SEC foes sharing camaraderie prior to kickoff. I mean we have something in common. We all want Bama to lose every week, RIGHT!  The 11am kickoff threw everything off as we had to leave at the crack of dawn to get to campus and take in all the traditional things about game day. That left no room to get there and still be in the stands to see the band play pregame. So here it goes.

Below are some clips of our day which began with an early morning wake up call for our trip to Baton Rouge from New Orleans. I mean you have to take in NOLA prior to heading north. Then on to exploring campus before entering Tiger Stadium. We wrap it up with Jeff’s final thoughts of the overall experience.
            (Click on images to see videos)

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